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Welcome to the Chinese North American History Network

Connecting the history across our Continent

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”- Cicero

The purpose of this site is to raise awareness and promote the important Chinese History Museums and Historical Societies across North America so that their precious records and histories of Chinese immigrants in North America can be more widely shared to instruct and enrich future generations.  To be clear, this network does not allude to any official association between the organizations listed below nor does it represent or speak for any of the below mentioned museums or historical societies.  Rather, in listing all the existing museums and historical societies in North America, we hope the public can better appreciate the monumental breadth of history that this rich diaspora offers that is waiting to be explored.

Click on the Explore button below to connect to our Facebook group page.  The page will have more updated posts, events and information shared from several of the museums and historical associations listed further below:

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Chinese North American Museums and Historical Societies

Now more than ever it is important to honour and recognize the important role and history that Chinese immigrants have played in shaping society in the United States and Canada for the past 175 years.  The goal of this page is to promote and to raise awareness of the various museums and historical associations across the continent that are working hard to preserve and educate future generations of the profound contributions that generations of Chinese immigrants have made to North American society.  In providing the list of all known Chinese North American Museums and historical societies below, we hope that you will take the time to visit them when you are in the area and grace them with your generous support; whether it is through a small donation or spreading the word of their existence so others may benefit from the knowledge and stories proudly conserved in these spaces.  The first Chinese Americans/Canadians had to contend with hardship, violence, ignorance and discrimination.  Some things sadly change little over time and it is by understanding our shared history that we may better deal with our current reality...with our voices united, thunderous and strong.

Chinese Museums and Historical Societies in Canada

Chinese Canadian Archive in Toronto:

Chinese Canadian Museum in British Columbia:

Lytton Chinese History Museum in British Columbia:

Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society in British Columbia:

Chinatown Storytelling Project in Vancouver:

Chinese Canadian Historical society of British Columbia:

Chinese Museums and Historical Societies in the USA

Museum of Chinese in America(MOCA) in New York City:

Chinese American Heritage Foundation of Boston:

Chinese Historical Society of New England:

Chinese American Friendship Association of Maine & Main Chinese Archive:

Chinese American Museum of Washington DC:

American Chinese Museum of Philadelphia:

Chinese Historical Society of Memphis and the mid-South:

Delta Chinese Heritage Museum in Mississippi :

Chinese American Museum of Chicago:

Mai Wah Museum of Montanna:

Wing Luke museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle:

Portland Chinatown Museum:

Kam Wah Chung Museum State Historical Site(Oregon):

Locke Foundations Museums:

Chinese American Museum of Northern California:

Auburn Joss House Chinese History Museum:

The Chew Key Store Museum in Fiddletown:

Folsom Chinese Heritage Museum(Chan House):

China Camp State Park:

Chinese Historical Society of America Museum in San Francisco:

Angel Island Immigration Museum in San Francisco:

Chinese American Historical Museum at the Ng Shing Gong and the Chinese Historical & Cultural Project of San Jose:

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California:

Chinese American Museum Los Angeles:

Ventura County Chinese American Historical Society:

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum:

Hawaii Chinese History Center:

Wo Hing Museum of Maui:


Chinese Historical Project Foundation in Tacoma, Washington:

Kwan Tai Temple in Mendocino, California:

China Alley in Hanford, California:

Chinese in Northwest American Research Committee:

Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project:

1882 Foundation:

Association of Chinese Americans for Social 

Justice(Historical Record of Chinese Americans):

Chinese American WW II Recognition Project:

Chinese American G.I. Project:

Chinese American Eyes: History of graphic and visual arts of Chinese Americans:

Researching Chinese American History in New Orleans:

Bay Area Chinese Genealogy Group:

Chinese Family History Group:

Dr Sun Yet San Foundation of Hawaii:

Kwan Tai Temple in Mendocino, California:

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